It’s Sunday morning. The church auditorium of Matyrs of Uganda Catholic church was boiling with praise songs. All categories of members in the auditorium fully participated in the church harvest. In the preceding week, Rev Father Fredrick Fabena Facio, the parish priest of the church had told the members to get prepared for the upcoming harvest. The whole atmosphere was charged with energetic praise songs

The instrumentalists were doing their best to sustain the interest of the members of the church with their Spirited performance. Being occupied by about 300 members, that Sunday, first and second services were combined into one. Among the instrumentalists making significant strides was the church organist, Kwame Jérémie Dzimeyor. The vigor, passion, and enthusiasm with which he played the instrument were admired by most of the members. In the end, his shirt would be soaked in an ocean of sweat. At times, some of the church members would often gift him items either in cash or material items for his diligence. Due to the respect he had for elders, Jérémie was loved by everyone including the Archbishop. He’d visited the church a year ago and was impressed by the work of Jérémie.

Nothing much was known about Jérémie except for the fact that he was the “son” of the parish priest and the church. At age four, he was adopted by Rev Fr Facio from an orphanage home ran by Rev. Sister Sarah Solange Nyiraneza, a sixty-year-old Rwandan . She worked with THE HOLY FAMILY CATHOLIC CHURCH in Kigali before being sent to Ghana in the 1970s.

Initially, Rev sister Sarah didn’t subscribe to the idea of having Jérémie adopted because she had taken him as her personal property. Moreover, Rev sister also felt the little boy needed so much care and attention to the extent that Fr Facio’s work could be affected. However, before Fr Facio decided to adopt little Jérémie, he sought the consent of the bishop who gave him the green light to proceed with the adoption after many months of bureaucratic tendencies.

When Jérémie was finally adopted and taken to the parish house, rumors went around that Fr. Facio had had a son with a woman. In view of that, some elders of the church visited and asked him. It took the intervention of the bishop with evidence of documents to prove critics and gossip mongers wrong. That day, the whole church went dead after the bishop had finished his explanation. All those who peddled the falsehood bowed down their heads in shame.

Fr. Facio gave Jérémie the best of Education from primary to secondary school. When Jérémie completed secondary school, Fr Facio decided to convince Jérémie to also become a catholic priest which he gladly agreed. Therefore, preparation was underway to have Jérémie enrolled in the seminary.

Jérémie’s physical outlook was highly unparalleled. He looked very handsome and muscular. As a result, he was nicknamed FRESH PRINCE. Many ladies in the church had a crush on him. Some of them often showered him with gifts with some ulterior motives. Because of him, some of them would often come from their various homes just to sit and talk to him under the pretext of coming to Fr Facio for confession. One thing about Jérémie was that he was friendly and nice to everyone.

At age 22, breaking his virginity had never crossed his mind as he prepared to enter the seminary. Reading the Bible and praying were his hobbies. At times, he would offer special assistance to his “Father” at the office. One lady who visited Jérémie almost every day was Ama Ntow, daughter of the catechist, Arnold Ntow. Arnold was the most respected person in the church. He had assisted in the building of the parish house with a considerable amount of money. He was Jérémie’s godfather.

Ama, 18, had fallen madly in love with Jérémie and wanted them to start an intimate relationship but Jérémie would have none of that. He only wanted friendship. As the godson of Mr Ntow, Jérémie could visit the family as many times as he wanted since he’d taken them as his relatives. Therefore, to him, Ama was like a sister.

One Friday afternoon, she invited him home for lunch. Having sought permission from his “father,” he hurriedly went to the house. Upon arrival, he was served with a sumptuous meal.
Ama, who was dressed seductively in a transparent nightwear seduced Jérémie and tasted what she had longed for.

Unfortunately for them, their cover was blown when Mrs. Chanelle Ntow chanced upon them. She became incensed and threw Jérémie out of the house. After scolding her daughter, she gave her a piece of advice and cautioned her. To prevent any family feud, Mrs Ntow decided to keep what she’d seen a secret because she knew that Mr Ntow’s bark was worst than his bites. Her husband was a quick-tempered man so keeping the event secret, according to her, was the best

Jérémie’s life never became the same, having tasted the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil from the garden of Eden, he craved for more. He became a chronic womanizer and sex addict. He could often sneak out of the parish house to attend night clubs. Interestingly, he kept the beads of every lady he slept with. He was no longer strong in his Christian faith.

At times, instead of picking his rosary to offer his usual prayers, he would mistakenly take the ladies’ beads. He became so much obsessed with ladies that, he ended up having most of the beautiful church ladies in his bed. Rev Fr Facio realized the changes in his “son.” He began taking him through counseling but it wasn’t working. To make matters worse, Jérémie had dropped the passion of being a catholic priest to the disappointment of Fr Facio. All efforts to make him change his mind proved futile.

Three months later in the afternoon, Fr Facio was busily working at his office when he received a surprise visit. Those visitors were Bishop Emmanuel Kojo, Rev sister Sarah Solange Nyiraneza and a strange woman, Matilda Amanor.

Some years ago, Matilda was having an affair with a particular guy in her teens. In the process, she got pregnant but the guy rejected it. She couldn’t find the guy again. Her parents disowned and kicked her out of the house for the shame and disappointment that she had brought upon the family. She followed her friends to Accra and worked as head Potter (“Kayayo”). She lived on the street till she gave birth. With no money to care for the baby, she left her in front of the orphanage home. She went back home and lied to her parents that the baby had died. She was accepted back.

She later on got married but remained barren and that compelled her husband to take a second wife. After visiting a prayer camp, she was told by the powerful prophet Solomon William Asare to look for the baby she rejected or else, her life would be miserable. She had gone to the orphanage to inquire about a baby she left there at night. She didn’t have it easy as she received backlash from Rev Sis Sarah. Rev sister Sarah had it difficult recollecting how she found the baby because that was a long time ago. After further deliberations, Rev sis Sarah remembered and called the Bishop. She discussed everything with him and the Bishop agreed to put interest into that case. Checking through the records, it was realized that the baby was Jérémie because he was the only baby to have been abandoned at the orphanage in the last 19years. Therefore, the trio had decided to consult Rev Fr Facio because he adopted the boy.

About 23 years ago, while still in the seminary studying to become a catholic priest, Rev Fr Facio was sent to the City of Tamale to practice what he had learned from a catholic church. While there for 6months, he got involved with a teenager and got her pregnant at the dying embers of his practical. He lied to the lady by concealing his real identity from her. They would often meet in a guest house.

Fearing that his priesthood ambition would be in jeopardy, he left Tamale without informing her.
Having graduated, he was sent to Matyrs of Uganda Catholic Church in Accra to do his first service. He had worked at the church for about 20 years and happened to be the longest-serving priest in that parish.
Conclusively, it came to light that the pregnancy Fr Facio rejected, ran away from and adopted years later, was Jérémie Kwame Dzimeyor

When all those secrets were revealed, there was a wave of shock in the office. Bishop Emmanuel felt very disappointed. As for Rev Sis Sarah, she could not utter a word. While still at the office, Mr. Arnold Ntow (the catechist) barged in with anger. He had come to the parish office to confront Jérémie for impregnating his daughter, Ama.

On hearing this, Sis Sarah went out to call Jérémie to come and accept or deny what he had done. She entered his room only to find Jérémie hanging on a rope tied to the hook holding the ceiling fan. Sis Sarah shouted in pain and that attracted the rest to rush to the scene. A very sad scene it was. Matilda wept like a child as Fr Facio knelt and bent his head. From a suicide note Jérémie wrote, he had gotten a total of sixteen ladies both in and outside the church pregnant. He couldn’t have withstood the shame he would bring to the church, Fr Facio and Sis Sarah hence had to end his life. The corpse was taken and deposited at the morgue.

The next day, Rev Fr Fredrick Fabena Facio resigned and left the priesthood


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